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Mastering Email Marketing: An Actionable Framework for Crafting Your Strategy

Learn how to craft a perfect email marketing strategy as Jeanne Jennings, CEO of Email Optimization Shop, gives a step by step breakdown on creating an email strategy in this workshop at the Email Edge Summit


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Key takeaways from Jeanne's presentation

Metrics to track for email Email has been the #1 channel with ROI. It’s a cost-effective, communication channel. Conversion metrics/revenue metrics are the ideal KPI**

  • Revenue per email (RPE) = Revenue generated / emails sent.
  • For non-revenue emails, measure conversions (eg.: no. of leads generated, etc.)
  • CTRs indicate conversion only 7% of the time
  • ORs indicate conversion only 20% of the time

**To boost email conversions, A/B split testing is key.** Testing the landing page linked to the email is crucial. Test body copy, images subject lines

**Email best practices to keep in mind.

  • Send out different types of emails. Create different email formats (eg.: newsletter, promotional emails, etc.) to cater to different types of audiences.
  • Email campaign ideas can come from anywhere. Some examples: brainstorming sessions, other email campaigns, your competition, 'Really Good Emails', Instagram and TikTok videos etc.
  • Progressive Profiling in email helps to get data and personalize subsequent campaigns. Ask questions to your users over staggered users through AMP email forms

For email automation, the strategy is key Create small automation strategically with a message map. Start with 3-effort automation when doing it for the first time. Expand based on data. Identify and score revenue opportunities and create simple automation around that. Eg.: Cart abandonment emails in eCommerce. A marketer got $16 ROI on email by analyzing data that’s in cart abandonment and sending personalized emails

**Segmentation based on historical engagement is key** Measure what content the user is interested in over some time- Use campaign data, behavioral data to segment users. Measuring historical CTR helps assess overall email engagement. Segment users who’ve clicked on over half the campaigns

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