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Boost Email ROI 3X with Data-Driven Strategies with Neil Patel

Key Takeaways

Brand drives the most revenue Even today, amongst all the available channels, brand drives the most revenue. To build a bigger brand, leverage the rule of 7. If someone has seen a brand 7 times, theyโ€™re more likely to remember it, evangelize it, and purchase it. Put this insight into action by boosting visibility on 7 different channels.

Email is a constant Amongst the different marketing channels, email has been a constant. It helps to build rapport, trust, and relationships with your customers. To measure email engagement, marketers should look at OR, CR, and list size. And, scrub contact lists to remove unengaged contacts. Not just does it help to boost OR but also improves deliverability.

The next big thing in email Interactive emails are the next innovation in email marketing, says Neil. Imagine choosing a product, its quantity, and checking out within the email itself. Itโ€™s going to be game-changing especially for eCommerce. Across sectors, interactive emails have been found to convert 9% better than static emails.

3 simple hacks to improve email marketing To improve email marketing, keeping it simple is an easy hack. Keep lists clean, use casual subject lines (eg.: Neil, check this out), and text-based emails. All three hacks have been found to boost conversions. Find out what makes your email marketing tick. Look at what the competition is doing for inspiration. Test extensively and do more of what's working.

Improving email copywriting To improve copywriting, read, understand, and then write simply. Read general books and marketing books. Also, understand your userโ€™s problems, how you can solve them and write that succinctly. You can also understand peopleโ€™s objections and write copy that resolves objections without any uncertainty. In terms of tone, write that a 5-year-old can understand.

Neil's take on AI People are overestimating what AI can do for them in the short run and underestimate what people can do in the long run. AI may not solve all the problems in the short run but AI would be able to send personalized emails to a million people in the long run. AI can also be effective for analyzing data from different sources, gaining insights, and modifying marketing campaigns based on the insights

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