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Supercharge your Email Marketing: Unleasing the Power of AI

Key takeaways from Alexander's talk

Web 3.0 to contain interactions 60% of the clicks are going to be replaced by interactions in Web 3.0. As AI assistants become mainstream, marketers will need to create and optimize website content for AI assistants.

Rise of AI assistants An AI assistant will become every userโ€™s personal salesperson. The assistant will interact with your brand and distill information across the board to provide the best answer to the user. Marketers will need to focus on building authority with different AI agents.

Impact on SEO With the influx of AI-generated content competing for SEO rankings, the stakes are much higher. To tackle that, you need to stand out. A rule of thumb - If your content is generic enough that a generic AI could have written it, why would Google send a click your way? So content marketers should add something to the conversation - their expertise, perspective, and data for the content to stand out.
Key takeaways from Isabella's presentation

Higher compensation for AI skills Companies are paying higher for marketers whoโ€™re AI powered. If youโ€™re looking for a new role or looking for a bonus, learning AI will help you grow.
Leveraging ChatGPT as a brainstorming buddy ChatGPT is an amazing brainstorming buddy to help marketers improve quality of work, boost productivity and outwork the competition. But, itโ€™s not the domain expert, you are. So use your own rationale.

Checklist for creating a prompt

Writing good prompts is key to leverage ChatGPT. Hereโ€™s a quick checklist

  • Act as a <role / expertise>
  • Overview of the task
  • Steps of the task
  • Limitations
  • Rules / doโ€™s and dontโ€™s
  • Format of the output
  • Recap of the goal of the task
  • Plus, generate authentic & relatable copy from ChatGPT by sharing personal attributes in the prompt

**Learn to train ChatGPT** When training, donโ€™t give sensitive, confidential and copyrighted information as there are data privacy concerns. Not just copy generation, ChatGPT can help marketers with data analysis and optimizing landing pages.

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