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Snag our report to learn about the latest trends and innovations in email marketing and read actionable insights from industry experts.

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1. Email Marketing Trends
2. Email Marketing Mistakes
3. State of Email Survey Insights
4. Email Marketing Tips

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Chapter 1

All that transpired in the email marketing world in 2021 and how it will be in 2022

Email marketers face new challenges every day - privacy, spam, automation, competing channels like social media, SMS, and more. The only way to stay on top of it is to understand the entire email landscape and stay up to date on what's happening in the field.

We decided to make this process easy for you. So, we spoke to experts to discover the events and features that shaped the industry last year that will affect the most in the future. And we compiled it all into a list of the most impactful email marketing trends for 2022. Here’s a detailed look at these trends -

The iOS MPP update that shook the email marketing world

We all know how we relied on open rates to measure the success of email campaigns. However, things have changed after the Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) update in 2021! The MPP update allowed Apple users to hide their IP address and privately load all remote content.

So even if a subscriber may not open the email, it might get reported as an open on your ESP dashboard leading to inflated open rates. In short, open rates aren’t reliable going forward.

How do you revise your email marketing post-MPP?

Some email marketers still rely on open rates, but many have started using click and conversion rates to measure the success of their campaigns. Soon most ESPs will start providing ways to identify none- MPP opens. This will help you to segregate reliable and non-reliable opens. We at Mailmodo are already working on bringing out such a feature early this year.

💡 Bonus content: For a more detailed reading on this, here’s a guide for you: Apple Mail Privacy Protection: What It Means For Email Marketers

AMP emails - Redefining emails with interactivity

AMP for emails has come a long way since Google introduced it in 2019. AMP emails have transformed static email designs and replaced them with dynamic emails containing interactive elements like carousels, carts, calendars, app widgets, and more.

Interactive elements reduced the friction for subscribers and made it easier to fill out forms or book meetings within the email. This has led to more clicks and conversions. Many brands have reported nearly three times more conversions than the usual HTML emails.

How brands are leveraging AMP emails: A case study

Razorpay's team wanted to understand their customer’s needs, so they used feedback forms on their website and sent monthly feedback emails. But, they found that customers didn't complete the survey because it redirected them to a different page and took too long to fill.

When looking for a way to fix this problem, they stumbled upon AMP emails and found us. Using Mailmodo, they created and sent AMP emails to keep the entire survey process within the email. And they saw a whopping 257% increase in feedback submissions.

💡 Bonus content: For a more detailed reading on this, here’s a guide for you: AMP for Email

Inclusivity in emails

As a brand, being inclusive is acknowledging that you live in a diverse community and connecting with your audience more deeply. Any apparent discrimination or bias towards a certain group of people can end your brand. The only way to prevent it is by creating for all. Also, remember that being inclusive makes sense because it’s the right thing to do.

How to make your emails more inclusive?

  • Divide your audience into multiple different segments and customize your email campaigns appropriately for those segments.

  • When you address people in your email, you can use gender-neutral terms like team, chairperson, or folks.

  • Use images representing people of different shapes, sizes, races, and religions in your email campaign.

For more tips, please read this detailed guide on inclusive marketing.

Dark mode in emails

The dark mode is a setting that inverts the colors to display a message or text in a dark background instead of a light one. People loved it as it provided a better reading experience in low-light conditions.

But it was a pain for most email marketers because it affected how email clients rendered the emails. The emails not optimized for dark mode have low readability, poor visibility, and lose their visual aesthetics. Because of this, engagement and email conversions took a hit. So, in 2022 be prepared to optimize your emails for dark mode for successful email campaigns.

How to optimize your emails for dark mode?

  • Use a transparent PNG image of your logo, ensuring a jarring white background won't show behind the logo.

  • Add a white outline to your logo, so it doesn't blend into the black background and is still visible.

  • Modify the colors, icons, and CTA buttons to look good in light and dark modes.

To get a deeper understanding, check out our guide on dark mode.

Email accessibility

Accessible emails provide a better reading experience for all readers, even those with disabilities (according to WHO, over one billion people live with some form of disability). In addition, it helps you stand out from your competitors as a more empathetic company. Email marketers are talking more about email accessibility as we march into 2022 and becoming more conscious about subscribers’ experiences.

How to make your emails accessible?

  • Keep the font and size of the text readable.

  • Avoid bright saturated colors and have a color contrast of at least 4.5:1, as per WCAG.

  • Leave some white/empty space between text, images, and CTA.

  • Provide alt text for images and use semantic code for a better screen reading experience.

For a deep dive into creating accessible emails, refer to our guide.

Emojis in emails

Emojis showed up big time in 2021. We saw them in subject lines, preheader text, and email copies. Emojis help email marketers not look too cold and unapproachable when they send promotional emails and help humanize your emails. And they also help capture the reader's attention and make content more visually appealing.

Here are some of the emojis we see a lot in our inboxes

⭐️️ Promotions, announcements

🔥 Trends or sales

🎁 Personalized birthday emails

😍 Emails expressing gratitude, thank you emails

✨ Announcements, product launches, and updates

🎉 Celebratory emails

Also, we have a quick guide ready to help you include emojis in your emails.

Email personalization humanization

Today's audience is smarter than ever and expects personalization at every step of communication - it can no longer set you apart. It is expected from you. Brands must step up and connect to the audience on a deeper, human-to-human level.

How to humanize your emails?

  • When you write your emails, keep the text simple and conversational as you would if you sent them to your friend.

  • Personalize the emails to include your subscribers' names in the email subject line or copy. Even the smallest details can help you connect with your readers.

“Personalisation! We all know it. Gathering data from users at sign-up ensures you'll get it, once they're signed up, it's an uphill battle you won't win easily. It also ensures you get more meaningful sign-ups, rather than the one-off for a discount!”
- Jen Neal, Email Marketing Manager, Stitch & Story

“Using a receiver's first name is not enough - From your segmentation strategy and tone of the communication to send-time-optimization strategy, every aspect should reflect how much you value an individual customer.”
- Aquibur Rahman, CEO, Mailmodo

“My advice for young and budding email marketers going into 2022 would be to improvise the personalization of the email copies that you send out. These improvisations need to be based on the pandemic trends of a particular demography. This will help you gain more attention and higher conversion rates from email marketing in 2022 and beyond.”
- Sanket Shah, CEO, Invideo


2. Email Marketing Mistakes

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