AMP Emails: Fad Future

Join Jay Oram and Mailmodo for a freewheeling chat on all the buzz surrounding AMP Emails.

📅 22nd October 13:00 GMT

AMP Emails - What’s the deal?

If emails are your bread and butter, you would have heard about AMP experiences before. In this edition of That Email Show, we hang out with Jay Oram, Senior Coder & Interactive Email Specialist at Action Rocket; his extensive work with AMP emails makes him an Oracle on the topic.

Tune in to the episode on 22nd October, 13:00 GMT / 17:30 IST where we opine upon the subject. Are AMP emails just another passing fad? Or do they hold the keys to the next wave of growth emanating out of emails?

This and more is what Mailmodo and Jay will talk about. Along with the future of email marketing. And it’s increasing relevance in the era of a cookie-less future staring into our marketing faces, de-platforming, and a heightened significance of owned media.

A word about That Email Show- it is our attempt at demystifying email marketing recipes, success stories, tips, tricks, and under-the-hood secrets that elevate growth out of email.

We hope to see you there!

An AMP email in action. Notice how engagement and interactions happen inside the email body.
An AMP email in action. Notice how engagement and interactions happen inside the email body.

Meet your Oracle

If you are an #emailgeek, chances are that you already love Jay’s wholesome vibes. If you aren’t, you won’t be disappointed.

Jay spends his day working on interactive emails, fixing that elusive rendering problem, and trying out crazy new things in email. Working at the award-winning creative studio for digital and CRM, ActionRocket, with clients from the BBC, American Express, UNICEF, and many more!

Outside of work, he is also an expert Canoe Guide. That’s a great backstage topic for all of us, Jay! 🛶

What’s Mailmodo?

Built by marketers, for marketers, Mailmodo is a YCombinator and Michael Siebel (ex-founder, Twitch) backed Interactive Email engine that’s being acknowledged for the massive uplifts it is generating for customers. 💌

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