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Ekaterina (Sam) Howard


Email Marketing Experts




United States

Ekaterina helps growing B2B SaaS startups attract and convert their best customers through website and email copy. From paid traffic funnels to free-to-paid email sequences.

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My Expertise

Customer-focused email and website copy for B2B SaaS startups that have found their PMF and are ready to focus on converting more of their best customers.

  • Website conversion audit
  • Email sequence conversion audit
  • Website and email copy optimization

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Research-based messaging to drive effective lead gen

HackEDU: consistent, research-based messaging to drive effective lead gen for a rapid-growth-mode startup.

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How ClickGUARD got a 16% lift in conversions and identified its best-fit offer

ClickGUARD: long-form blog post optimization for organic traffic conversions

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We were spending money on social ads that drove to the same general webpage and needed help developing lead gen pages to support ads.Ekaterina turned everything (and more) around quickly, and delivered lead generation copy that felt strategic and on-brand.From setting clear expectations to providing value beyond the specific ask, I really enjoyed working with Ekaterina and will certainly recommend Ekaterina to folks that ask me for copy help.

David Annis, Founder at Parallax

Challengingly delightful and very insightful.We’ve narrowed down on a customer segment that we really want to go after and needed a copywriter to help us speak to our new segment in a fun way.People often need to look for external help like copywriters because there’s usually a skill gap within the company.It’s only productive to find someone who is not afraid to take the lead. Ekaterina is not afraid to ask hard questions and even role-play the “mean customer.”I had to be very prescriptive with other copywriters and I thought that was the standard. But Ekaterina was able to make suggestions and take the lead which made life so much easier for us.Working with Ekaterina has also helped us highlight internal gaps, and this is a very positive thing – it’s better to catch them now than later.

Polly Wong, Marketing Executive, Float Cash Flow Forecasting

When Ekaterina reached out, I didn’t even look at other freelancers. Although we haven’t used freelancers much, this was definitely worth it. Working with Ekaterina was very easy — she took responsibility for the whole process. Working with her saved me a lot of time and allowed us to meet our deadlines.Ekaterina is very competent and gets the job done to a high standard.

Bowen Moody, CEO & Co-founder, Wonderwerk

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