Marie Johaness Migullas

    Email Strategist, THC

Emails help you connect with your customers and prospects on an intimate level and provide you with real ROI.


Journey into Email Marketing

I started working from home and I was looking at a new industry to begin my stint. A friend of mine shared a job posting with me and I instantly fell in love - that happens to be an Email Marketing role.

Once I ventured into the job, I figured it wasn’t just the initial attraction but being an Email marketer stirs your creative and strategic thinking. It never gets boring and you can measure results in an instant.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Email Marketing is your life savior when your front-end marketing shuts down or gets impaired. It helps you connect with your customers and prospects on a more intimate level and provides you with real ROI.

From what I’ve seen

  • Always test your email campaigns. Apply the 80/20 rule to testing new things. Observe bigger brands, they seem to always know what works better.

  • Build your A/B test repository. More the data, the better business decisions you’ll be able to make for you and your team.

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