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Episode 55: Frameworks for segmentation and email automation triggers

Learn how to identify the right triggers and master the art of segmentation to effectively nurture subscribers at scale from Lori Feldman, Founder,

Here’s are the main takeaways from the event

(Go to the timestamps to listen to the speaker covering each section in depth)

Importance of Marketing Automation (00:01:27)

By implementing automations, businesses can engage their audience at all times even when they are not actively working on it. But to do so, segmentation is crucial.

Segmentation Strategies (00:02:30)

In order to segment, knowing one's target audience is essential. To do so, first start with your ICP (ideal customer profile). Segment the identified audience, based on firmographic information such as job title, company size, or industry to tailor messages to specific niches. Differentiating between leads and customers, and prioritizing subscribers who require immediate attention, like new subscribers or trial users, are other ways to segment.

Cross-Selling Opportunities (00:08:44)

Cross-selling involves offering additional products or services to existing customers based on their previous purchases. It is an opportunity to increase revenue and provide more value to loyal customers. Even if there are no other products to sell, Lori recommends businesses to offer more advanced or premium services.

Automation Workflow (00:09:29)

Lori suggests a simple framework to get started with email automation, right away.

The workflow includes different entry points for leads,

Signature One Pager (0:24:13) White papers are usually considered dated as people have shorter attention spans. But Lori recommends that brands can create a one pager with bullets and stats for easy consumption and use this as a lead generation tool to drive activity and capture leads.

Driving Prospects to Specific Web Pages (0:24:32) After prospects download the one pager, drive them to specific web pages in your nurture campaigns. For example, in software, you can direct them to terms and conditions, pricing page, or refund policy page. By analyzing their behavior on these pages, you can identify live prospects worth following up on.

Point Scoring System for Lead Conversion (0:25:08) A point scoring system converts Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in a calculated way, says Lori. Assign points to each channel based on its effectiveness in driving conversions. This would help the sales team prioritize leads and focus on high-value prospects.

Handling Unopened Emails in Nurture Campaigns (0:25:43) Lori suggests tracking click rates as the new north star. Contradictory to popular belief, Lori believes that multiple CTAs (besides scheduling meetings or demos) increases click rates. An interesting hack she shared was to recycle nurture campaigns every three weeks (18 messages per year), as recipients won't remember message number one after a year. Though pretty hacky, it's worth testing out, we think, to check if it works.

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