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Episode 3- AMP Emails : The Future of Email Marketing with Jay Oram

AMP emails and their transition from fad to future.

This and more is what Mailmodo and Jay Oram @ Action Rocket will deliberate upon in That Email Show, a Mailmodo (YC S21) production about all things email marketing.

Join us to eavesdrop on how both of us are witnessing jaw-dropping engagement and performance out of email marketing by hopping onto the AMP bandwagon.

Episode Notes


How did the passion and interest develop?


Jay’s journey so far


Talking about the Email Geeks community


How did you get to know about interactive emails?


Decoding two sides of the debate on interactive emails


Early interactive email prototypes and Jay’s first template


Next frontier in interactive templates


Accessibility inside emails


New verticals and use cases with AMP


Mainstream adoption and abuse of AMP

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