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Marketing Calendar & Planner 2023 - Save 30+ hours with this marketing ideas generator | Product Hunt

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Prioritize your efforts and forecast trends to focus on important marketing activities.

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How to customize the
calendar for your brand

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Filter by geography

Run geo-targeted campaigns.

Available tags:
Asia, US, UK, China, India,
Australia, Mexico, Canada, France,
Germany, Northern Hemisphere, Worldwide

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Filter by marketing angle

Identify effective marketing strategies.

Available tags:
Offers, Relationship building, CSR

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Filter by type of business

Tailor campaigns to your customers’ needs.

Available tags:
B2B, B2C

Top rated by 1000+

“Finally a tool to bridge the silos of different teams planning in different departments.”

Ivo Scherkamp

Ivo Scherkamp

Founder at Collato GmbH

“I feel like creative work thrives when it's organized, which is why it’s useful to have this all-in-one calendar on hand.”

Ksenia Khriptovich

Ksenia Khriptovich

Marketer at Alconost

“I love how you've made it possible to integrate this across a range of tools as opposed to just a plain vanilla PDF or calendar.”

Tejas Kinger

Tejas Kinger

Product Marketer at Plum

Frequently asked

A marketing calendar is a tool that helps businesses plan and organize their marketing activities for the year. It includes important dates such as holidays, product launches, and promotional events. By using a marketing calendar, businesses can ensure that their marketing efforts are consistent and effective throughout the year.

To create a marketing event calendar, start by identifying important dates and events that align with your brand. Next, determine which marketing channels you want to utilize for each event. Finally, create a timeline for each event and assign tasks to team members. Save yourself 30+ hours by using our free marketing calendar and planner for 2024. Edit it according to your needs and streamline your marketing efforts.

A marketing content calendar should include important dates, product launches, social publishing schedule, content themes, channels, and goals. It helps keep track of deadlines and ensures a cohesive strategy throughout the year.

A marketing calendar helps in planning and organizing your marketing activities. It ensures that you don't miss important events or promotions. It also provides a clear view of what needs to be done and makes it easier to track progress and achieve your marketing goals.

Yes, there are several options to save money, such as utilizing free marketing calendar templates on Google Sheets, Airtable, Notion, or ClickUp. These templates can help streamline the process of planning and executing marketing campaigns, while also providing an easy way to track progress and adjust strategies as needed. With a free marketing calendar and planner, businesses can stay organized and on top of their marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

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Master your business goals with our marketing calendar & planner.

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