Why use a referral program inside the email?

Effortless growth

Acquire new leads, customers or subscribers without active effort

Reduce friction

Makes it easier for recipients to refer you to their friends or colleagues

Reach relevant personas

Use your existing audience to reach your target audience amongst their network

How does it work?

1. Add a referral widget to your emails


Get details

Ask for details that’ll be required to send the referred email like referred person's email id, referrer’s name, etc.


Existing emails

You can add this referral widget to your existing email campaigns.


New emails

You can also it to send an exclusive referral campaign.

Referral email

2. Create the referred email


Personalize the email

Add the required personalization parameters obtained from the referral email.


Set up the campaign

Get help from customer support to do the required integrations.


Add your offering

Provide all the details of your offering and add a way for where them to get it

Referee email

3. Analyze your referral campaign’s impact


Submission data

Check the number of people who referred from the campaign’s submission data.


Journey data

Check the number of referees who signed up to get your offering.



Use this data to change your strategy and optimize your referral campaign's efficiency.

Submissions data
We have created a few templates that you can customize and start using immediately.

Here's what you can use referrals in emails for

Boost newsletter list growth

Passively distribute lead magnets

Distribute coupons to increase sales

Increase event registrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, you will add the referral form to an existing email or new one and send it to your subscribers.

Then your subscribers will fill the form where they'll enter the details of the person they want to refer.

Once your recipients submits their referral, the person they referred will get an email from you showcasing your offering and who has referred it to them.

Your audience will be able to refer you to any one in the world, as long they know the email id of the person they want to refer.