Why use registration forms in email?

Gather important information

Registration forms inside emails make it easier for you to collect customer data efficiently. It saves time and resources.

Personalize the email content

As you collect data from registration forms, you can get to know the user better and personalize your email content.

Legal requirements

Registration forms often include terms and conditions, privacy policies, and consent checkboxes for legal requirements.

Improved user experience

Registration forms in email can make the user experience smoother by letting them answer it inside the email.

Event management

Collect attendee information, get confirmation, and share event details using registration forms in your emails.

Data-driven decisions

Create marketing strategies based on user preferences and pain points with data gathered from registration forms.

Common use cases of registration forms

Event registrations
Membership applications
Course and program enrollment
Volunteer and job applications
Contests and giveaways
Event ticketing
Event RSVPs
Beta testing sign-ups
Product warranty registrations

How to create a registration form in email

Plan your registration form


Identify the fields

Decide what personal information you need from users (e.g., name, email address, password, social media).


Keep it simple

Avoid too many fields. Only ask for essential information.


User-friendly design

Use clear labels and simple language.


Choose an email form builder


Explore options

Research user-friendly form builders like Mailmodo, Google Forms, and Typeform, which require no coding skills.


Template availability

Check the availability of a pre-designed form template that closely matches your registration requirements for a quick start.


Customization options

Is it easy to customize the form fields, colors, and layout to align with your branding, making the form visually appealing for users.


Test, share and analyze


Preview your form

Send a test email to see what it looks like to the user.


Send the form

Share your email campaign with the registration form to receive responses.


Analyze the data

View and analyze the data received from the responses.


Different fields to make the most from registration form email

Text Input

Multiple choice


Date and Time Picker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration forms are essential documents used to gather information from individuals interested in joining events, services, programs, or websites. They simplify the process of collecting necessary user data, facilitating quick enrollment of new members, subscribers, customers, or attendees.

A registration form serves as a vital tool to collect essential basic information in an easy way from individuals interested in joining an event, service, program, or website. It streamlines the enrollment process, ensuring accurate data collection and effortless integration into the desired platform, making it convenient for both users and organizers.

A well-designed registration form should include fields for essential additional information such as name, contact details, phone number, address, and relevant preferences related to the event, service, program, or website. Additional fields might include demographics, payment details (if applicable), and any specific information pertinent to the registration purpose. It's important to strike a balance between collecting necessary data and ensuring a user-friendly experience for efficient sign-ups.

No, coding the online form is not necessary (You don't have to engage with HTML, PHP, or JavaScript). With tools like Mailmodo's email template builder, you can create forms using a simple drag-and-drop method. It eliminates the need for coding, making the process effortless and user-friendly.

Certainly! You can transfer or export collected data to other tools through integrations like Zapier and APIs. These seamless connections allow you to efficiently share and utilize the data across various platforms eg. CRM, Google Sheets, and others enhancing your workflow and productivity.

Interactive email registration forms enable users to sign up directly within the email. Users can input data and submit responses without leaving their inboxes. (With form in email template no need to create different versions for mobile devices) This streamlined process enhances user experience, making it convenient and efficient to engage with the content without navigating to external websites. And improving the conversion rate drastically.

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