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What’s Wordlemail?

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If you are here, it means the Wordle bug has bitten you hard!

But accessing Wordle is difficult. You either have to google, use bookmarks, or follow social posts. That’s too much! 🤯

Presenting Wordle in email. With this
🟩 Get your daily Wordle right inside your inbox everyday,
🟩 Play wordle inside your email without clicking another link.

Go on, get your #wordlemail right now!

How to play Wordle


You need to guess the word of the day in 6 tries


Each guess should be a 5 letter real word


After every guess, you’ll uncover colored tiles as hints.

An orange tile means that the letter is present in the answer

A green tile means that both the letter and it’s position in the final word are correct.

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Inspired by Wordle, Powered by Mailmodo

Wordlemail is our tribute to the entire Wordle community. Our aim is to make Wordle more accessible for all by bringing it inside emails. Feel free to share any feedback to make it better.

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