A Step-by-Step Guide to Improve Email Performance

Read between the lines of your email metrics and gauge the success of your marketing campaigns with this curated guide

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Why should you read this e-book?

Imagine fixing your car. The first step is to do a thorough check-up and then diagnose the problem of why your car isn’t working. As they say, the identification of the problem is where the real battle lies. Once you have diagnosed this, the next natural step is to troubleshoot it.

Here's how this e-book will help you do the same for email campaigns-

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    Framework to identify the gaps in your email campaigns

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    Guide on fixing the loopholes and optimizing performance

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    Learnings shared by 50+ email experts

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Marketers know that emails in the primary inbox enjoy better open rates than in the promotions or updates tabs. Most of the techniques in this e-book provide the dual benefit of personalizing the email experience and making your mail more relevant to the user as well as avoiding promotion or updates tabs.

This e-book is produced by Mailmodo. We are also grateful to all the subject matter experts, email geeks, and digital marketing specialists who helped us with ideas, surveys, their experiences and valuable industry insights.

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