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Acquire new hotel guests with interactivity

👉🏼 Upsell hotel lounge and bar with exclusive discounts inside email
👉🏼 Boost guest engagement with spin the wheel and carousel widgets
👉🏼 Gather feedback from past guests using interactive forms

Digital marketing presentation with cards: a promotional spinner "SPIN THE WHEEL" with a clickable stop button; a reservation interface "BOOK YOUR ROOM" displaying a calendar. Below, an interface showing a "RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE"

One stop solution for email marketing for hotels

All the tools you need to get more hotel bookings and become the hotspot for travelers.

intuitive template builder
Intuitive Template Builder

Customize 200+ pre-made templates in our no-code email editor

Dynamic segmentation

Segment email list dynamically based on user's attributes and behaviors.

20+ AMP email widgets

Make emails interactive using AMP email widgets and drive 2X conversions.

Automated drip sequences

Engage, nurture, convert and retain your audience with email automation.

In-built email analytics

Track your campaign’s performance using our analytics dashboard.

Contact management

Import contacts via CSV files, APIs, CRMs, and other integrations.

Transform your hotel email marketing with Mailmodo

Give a virtual hotel tour inside email

⚡ Portray the hotel experience from arrival to departure with our carousel widget.

⚡ Let guests swipe through images of the hotel facilities and amenities.

⚡ Show hotel room options at one place.

Showcase hotel offers and discounts

⚡ Increase hotel bookings with a discount wheel for the end-of-season sale email.

⚡Create a lucky draw experience inside email with gifts for select guests.

⚡Send hyper-personalized emails to the winners and enrol them in a nurture sequence.

Mailmodo enables in email spin the wheel lucky draw contest for your customers and users to keep them engaged.

Collect more feedback to improve guest experience

⚡ Add live ratings, reviews, stars or badges inside email.

⚡ Save form content block to reuse for another email campaign.

⚡ See responses on an hourly basis & export them to spreadsheets without much effort.


Integrate with your hotel software stack

Synchronize and share data across platforms, automate processes, and streamline your operations.

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Redefine hotel email marketing with Mailmodo

Email personalization icon
Personalize communication with guests

Promote hotel services and increase room bookings through targeted and personalized emails.

Automate reminder and follow-up emails

Automate reminder emails for payment completion or follow-up emails for hotel review using triggers and actions.

Increase guest loyalty

Engage travelers with interactive polls and quizzes inside email to promote your hotel destination.

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Frequently asked questions

Email marketing for hotels offers several benefits, including increased customer engagement, personalized communication, targeted promotions, improved brand awareness, and higher bookings and revenue.

Highly effective hotel email marketing strategies include personalization, segmenting your audience, leveraging automation, creating visually appealing and interactive emails, providing exclusive offers and promotions, and using analytics to track campaign performance.

The best practices for email marketing for hotels include building a targeted and permission-based email list, crafting compelling subject lines, using personalized and dynamic content, optimizing for mobile devices, conducting A/B testing, monitoring analytics, and maintaining consistent branding throughout your emails.

AMP emails help boost hotel email conversion rates by offering interactive and dynamic content within the email itself. This allows hotels to provide engaging experiences, such as booking forms, image carousels, and real-time updates, directly in the email. By reducing friction and enabling immediate actions, AMP emails drive higher engagement and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Mailmodo is considered one of the best hotel email marketing platforms available. With its powerful features, including personalized content, interactive emails, 1000+ integrations, and advanced analytics, Mailmodo empowers hotels to create effective email campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

Yes, with Mailmodo, you can automate your hotel email marketing campaigns. Mailmodo offers seamless integration with various hotel systems, including customer relationship management platforms. This integration allows you to automate your email workflows, streamline campaign management, and deliver timely and personalized messages to your guests.

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