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Episode 1

How to Build a Sales Funnel that Closes more Deals

Check out what it takes to build an effective sales funnel from scratch!

  • ABM


Episode 2

How to Write Emails that Book more Meetings

Lukas shares what goes in a sales email that books more meetings and what he found common in 1M sales emails he reviewed.

  • Email Strategy


Episode 3

Ecommerce Email Marketing with Chase Dimond

Chase Dimond needs no introduction as he has been delivering high-octane growth formulas time and again. In this episode, we speak to Chase about e-Commerce conversion strategies, getting more out of email marketing, fast-tracking brand growth. Tune in to get your e-commerce and D2C marketing on an all-time high.

  • Ecommerce Marketing


Episode 4

Use Customer Research to Supercharge your Growth

  • Marketing & Strategy


Episode 5

Email and Content Marketing Strategies by Liz Willits

Liz shares email list building strategies and content marketing strategies for businesses to learn from!

  • Email Strategy


Episode 6

AMP Emails: The Future of Email Marketing

Check out how the future of email marketing looks like with AMP steering the email bandwagon.

  • AI in Marketing
  • AMP Emails


Episode 7

How to Get Your First 1000 Newsletter Subscribers

Jens shares his secret sauce for building a great newsletter that gets you more subscribers!

  • Email Strategy


Episode 8

Growth Hacking Email for SaaS

On our recent chat with Ashwin, he shares his experience working with multiple SaaS companies and hacks to improve your emails! Check out the full video here!

  • Email Strategy


Episode 9

The Secret to Making your Content Stand Out

On our chat with Rohit, he shared how brands build their PoV and differentiate themselves with the competitors.

  • Brand building


Episode 10

AMP Emails: The Next Frontier

Mark Robbins shared some really cool stuff about AMP emails and how they are the next big thing in email marketing. We talked about: ✅The real world AMP email use cases that Mark and Mailmodo are uncovering every day ✅ The engagement possibilities that come to life via AMP emails: why AMP emails are not just about forms and widgets inside the email ✅The Salesforce view on this emerging email frontier ✅Real results from real Mailmodo customers

  • Marketing & Strategy


Episode 11

Marketing in an e-learning hyper growth environment

In this 1 hour session with Yash, co-founder Startladder and Surya, our in-house marketing expert, talked about some really cool trends in the edtech space, marketing channels that work or don't work, acquiring and retaining learners. And much more!

  • Marketing & Strategy


Episode 12

How to use video to level up sales and marketing

In this Growth Chat with Karishma from Vidyard, we had a very insightful conversation about effectively using videos in your entire lifecycle marketing plan, and especially in your sales pitch. She shared some best practices and do's and don'ts of building videos that help you convert.

  • Performance Marketing


Episode 13

Build in Public: Founder's PoV

In this chat, we talked about how Building in Public is important and how can you go about it, even if you're an introvert. Check out the full video here.

  • Founder Stories


Episode 14

How SEJ Grew to 3M monthly traffic

In this chat, we talked about how Loren Baker turned his personal blog to Search Engine Journal, a leading marketing publication. His journey from 0 to 3M monthly traffic over the years, is really inspiring and content marketers could take away a lot from this chat.

  • Founder Stories


Episode 15

Email Deliverability: What Marketers Need to Know

Check out this Growth Chat, where Lauren shared her learnings and insights on email deliverability: why do emails go to spam, what steps to take to avoid that from happening, and how can you measure and monitor email deliverability.

  • Email Deliverability


Episode 16

Building Growth Teams at Startups

On this Growth Chat with Trevor Sookraj, we talked about setting up marketing functions at early-stage startups. Watch the full video to learn what he shared.

  • Performance Marketing


Episode 17

Email experiments that Grew Bella Vita Organic by 5X

  • Email Strategy


Episode 18

Secrets to High Performing D2C Stores

  • Ecommerce Marketing


Episode 19

How to craft your email copy to improve conversions

Samar Owais, Founder of Emails Done Right, Shares email copywriting strategies that have helped her generate revenue for her clients.

  • Email Strategy


Episode 20

How to use Customer Testimonials to Drive Conversions

We spoke to Casey Hill about collecting customer testimonials and effectively using them to drive more conversions. We got some really insightful tips from this conversation. Check out the full video to learn all about customer testimonials: whom to ask, what questions to ask them and then using different channels to create customer proof.

  • Marketing & Strategy


Episode 22

Debunking SaaS Messaging and Positioning Myths [+what to do instead]

We talked to Pedro Cortes, a leading SaaS consultant who has helped more than 100 brands to convert their website visitors into customers with the help of powerful messaging and positioning. He has shared his frameworks and examples on this chat.

  • Performance Marketing


Episode 23

How to debug email deliverability

Surya and Sadikshya shared some really helpful insights to get your emails delivered right into the inbox and not into spam.

  • Email Deliverability


Episode 24's Secret to Building a Successful Community

We spoke to Anand Sinha, one of the founder of Leapclub where he shared: 1. How the idea of starting leapclub was born 2. Challenges they faced while building this 3. Why did they build a paid community and how were they still able to get to 7000 members and growing and more. Check out the full video here.

  • Founder Stories


Episode 25

How Dan Oshinsky Grew his Email Subscribers List to 8K

  • Founder Stories


Episode 26

How to Launch a Successful Holiday Campaign

  • Email Deliverability


Episode 27

Email Automation Masterclass: The Retention Engine on Autopilot

  • Email Strategy


Episode 28

How to Build Relationships and Revenue through Social Media

  • Brand building


Episode 29

The Art of Writing a Perfect B2B Email Newsletter

  • Email Strategy


Episode 31

How to Humanize Your Brand by Building a Community

Daisy Morris shares her experience and insights about how putting a face to a brand can make it more relatable and how community-building is the key to long-run success instead of audience-building.

  • Brand building


Episode 32

How to revamp your paid media strategy for recession

Learn the right tips for auditing your ad accounts and planning them as per the expected budget cuts in the coming year with Russ Macumber

  • Performance Marketing


Episode 33

How to Find Message-Market Fit for Your Business

Listen to our conversation with Diane Wiredu, where she discusses finding your message-market fit and shares a secret framework to write compelling messaging here.

  • Marketing & Strategy


Episode 34

How to Create a Winning Welcome Sequence

Tune in to learn about benefits of having a welcome email series and steal Eman's 4-step welcome sequence to nurture your new customers.

  • Email Strategy


Episode 35

Achieve Higher RoI with Influencer Marketing

In this Growth Chat with Abhinav from Influencerbit, we had an interesting conversation about how AMP emails can change the way you do influencer marketing, and what it will be like in Web 3.0. You wouldn't want to miss this.

  • Influencer marketing


Episode 36

SaaS Email Marketing: Beyond Onboarding Emails

  • Email Strategy


Episode 37

How to Achieve Increased Conversions with Email A/B Testing

  • Email Strategy


Episode 38

How to Build a Killer LinkedIn Content Strategy

We talked to Sara Lattanzio to share her frameworks and best practices for building a content strategy for your LinkedIn and growing your presence. Check out the full video to dive in.

  • Brand building


Episode 39

The Email Deliverability Chat

  • Email Deliverability