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Navigating the New Sender Guidelines by Yahoo & Google

Gmail and Yahoo are changing their sender guidelines for all bulk email senders from Feb 2024. They are turning the best practices into mandatory requirements. To help you navigate through these changes and ensure your emails are landing into spam, we have Lauren Meyer, CMO of Socket Labs joining us on this chat on 6th Feb, 2024.


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Aquibur Rahman, CEO of Mailmodo, and Lauren Meyer, CMO of SocketLabs, discuss email sender guidelines from Google and Yahoo.

00:10:00 - Lauren outlines requirements to reduce spam, including email authentication and a one-click unsubscribe mechanism. addresses are now banned for sending.

00:25:00 - Lauren advises clear subscriber expectations, specific subject lines, and accessible unsubscribe links. Quality over quantity is crucial to avoid spam markings.

00:30:00 - High complaint rates can lead to deferred or blocked emails. Keeping rates below 0.3% and delivering engaging content is vital to maintain deliverability.

00:40:00 - Lauren recommends a free tool for email deliverability testing, covering authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMAR.

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