Optimize your CTAs to get more clicks


What will this help with?

  • Increase clicks and engagement

  • Boost conversion rate

How to optimize your CTA?

  1. Use specific CTAs action words like Get, Start, and Join instead of generic ones.

Example: “Get the ebook” would work better than “Know More” if the end goal is downloading the ebook.

  1. Make sure your CTA button is readable. Use contrasting background and text color for better readability.

  2. Make sure your CTA appears clearly at first glance. This increases the probability of the user clicking on the CTA button.

  3. Track which CTAs performed the best using your campaign data.

Mailmodo makes it easier to analyze the CTA copy and placement that has worked best in your previous campaigns.

How to optimize your CTA in Mailmodo?

⚡ Measuring and optimizing CTA is difficult. Mailmodo's Click Map allows you to understand the impact of your CTAs design, copy, and position visually and to fix or optimize the email for the best one. To access Click Maps for a sent template in Mailmodo, follow the below steps.

  1. On your individual campaign dashboard, click on “Click Maps”

  2. You can use this data to improve the copy, design, and placement of your CTAs for future campaigns. Here’s a click map of one of our campaigns 👇.

click map feature

What you should do next

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