MailCharts Email Deliverability Tool

MailCharts is a competitor email monitoring tool to understand how often they discount, when they email, and how they segment emails.

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What is MailCharts Email Deliverability Tool?

MailCharts offers an email deliverability tool that helps ecommerce email marketing teams work more efficiently and effectively. With features such as advanced email search, brand and group overviews, email journeys, and email reports, MailCharts provides real-time and historical data to guide every aspect of email planning. Users can browse and share email examples, analyze competitor email practices, and optimize automated email programs. The platform is designed to support team collaboration and streamline campaign planning, making it a valuable resource for boosting email marketing success.


  • Advanced email search with sophisticated search options.
  • Brand and group overviews to view high-level email metrics and data.
  • Email journeys to review end-to-end email sequences for inspiration and optimization.
  • Weekly roll-up email to receive a digest of email activity from brands.
  • Team collaboration tools for efficient campaign planning and sharing insights.


  • Comprehensive email search functionality with powerful filters.
  • Access to curated email examples and insights from thousands of brands.
  • Collaboration tools for team members to share, comment, and save emails for efficient campaign planning.


  • No information provided about the pricing of the tool.
  • Limited functionality for tracking Gmail inboxes.
  • Lack of clarity on the features and capabilities of the tool.
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