MailerSend Email Deliverability Tool

A new kind of transactional email service designed for developers to work faster and smarter with a powerful infrastructure to scale quickly.

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What is MailerSend Email Deliverability Tool?

MailerSend is an email deliverability tool that offers a wide range of features to help users send and receive emails effectively. It provides advanced features such as email API, SMTP relay, dynamic email templates, inbound email routing, email verification, user management, multiple domains, suppression lists, analytics, and more. With MailerSend, users can easily manage their email accounts, create and send emails using drag and drop builders or HTML template editors, track email activity in real-time, and ensure high email deliverability. The platform also offers additional features like transactional SMS and the ability to send surveys to gain valuable insights from customers. Overall, MailerSend is designed to help businesses collaborate on transactional emails and optimize their email delivery process.


  • Send and receive emails
  • Email API and SMTP relay
  • Dynamic email templates
  • Inbound email routing
  • Email verification tool


  • Automatic email delivery management for increased chances of inbox placement.
  • Real-time email analytics and activity tracking to optimize email performance.
  • Intuitive email builders and editors for easy creation and customization of transactional emails.


  • Limited email analytics and tracking capabilities.
  • Lack of dedicated IP option for improved deliverability.
  • No mention of advanced security features for email protection.
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