MailGenius Email Deliverability Tool

MailGenius is a free email testing tool designed to help you master email with human friendly solutions and live chat.

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What is MailGenius Email Deliverability Tool?

MailGenius is an email deliverability tool that helps users test their emails and improve their chances of avoiding the spam folder. With over 1,000,000 emails tested per year, MailGenius offers a reliable solution for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their email deliverability. The tool not only provides insights on Spam Scores but also offers consulting services from the #1 Email Deliverability expert, Troy Ericson. Users can benefit from Troy's expertise in improving email copy and deliverability, as well as his extensive experience working with top clients in various industries. Additionally, MailGenius has received positive testimonials from satisfied customers who have seen immediate results and increased return on investment.


  • MailGenius offers an Email Tester to determine if your emails will land in the spam folder.
  • It allows users to test over 1,000,000 emails per year.
  • MailGenius works with all email providers.
  • Users can receive expert advice from Troy Ericson, the #1 Email Deliverability expert.
  • The tool has received positive testimonials from various clients, recommending it for email deliverability issues.


  • MailGenius users test over 1,000,000 emails per year.
  • Works with all email providers.
  • #1 Email Deliverability expert, Troy Ericson.


  • Lack of specific details about the features and benefits of the MailGenius email deliverability tool.
  • Limited information on how the tool works and its effectiveness in improving email deliverability.
  • Unclear pricing or availability of the tool for potential users.
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