SendHealth Email Deliverability Tool

SendHealth is an email doctor which takes 30 seconds to run a comprehensive test on all aspects related to your email - sending domain, DNS configuration, your SMTP server and the content you’re pushing out to your users all in 30 seconds. It's a quick 2-step process. Use your email marketing tool, ESP, API or your GSuite/Zoho workspace to send an email to the recipient provided by us. Click on Get Started to generate a recipient for you. Once you have sent the email, start the diagnosis and we generate the report for you to understand and debug your email lords. We generate an extensive report on Sending IP, Domain, their blacklist data, Content Spam Score, DNS Records Alignment for inboxing your emails.

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What is SendHealth Email Deliverability Tool?

SendHealth is a powerful email deliverability tool that ensures emails from businesses reach their intended recipients successfully. By monitoring and analyzing deliverability metrics, such as delivery rate, bounce rate, and spam complaints, SendHealth helps businesses optimize their email marketing campaigns and improve their overall sending reputation. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive reporting, businesses can easily identify and address any issues that might affect email deliverability, ultimately improving their communication with customers and maximizing marketing success.


  • SendHealth is an email deliverability tool that ensures emails reach recipients' inboxes.
  • It provides real-time monitoring and tracking of email deliverability.
  • SendHealth offers detailed email deliverability reports for analysis and optimization.
  • The tool helps identify and resolve deliverability issues.
  • SendHealth provides analytics and insights to improve email marketing campaigns.


  • SendHealth email deliverability tool ensures high inbox placement rates.
  • It helps identify and resolve issues that may affect email deliverability.
  • The tool provides comprehensive insights and analytics to optimize email delivery performance.


  • Limited features and functionality compared to other email deliverability tools.
  • Difficult to navigate and understand the user interface.
  • Inconsistent and unreliable delivery rates.
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