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Omnisend empowers ecommerce marketers to turn visitors into customers through segmentation, automation and other omnichannel features.

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Speed up email production with our email template builder.

Create stunning templates without developers and designers with 500+ templates, content blocks and interactive widgets.

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What is Omnisend Email Template Builder?

The email template builder is a valuable tool that allows users to design and customize their email templates effortlessly. By enabling JavaScript and cookies, users can take full advantage of its features and create visually appealing and professional-looking email templates. With this builder, users have the flexibility to add and arrange content, choose from a variety of pre-designed templates, and personalize their emails to reflect their unique branding and messaging. Additionally, the builder's user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and easy experience, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.


  • Email template builder requires JavaScript and cookies to function properly.
  • JavaScript and cookies are necessary for seamless editing and customization in the email template builder.
  • Enabling JavaScript and cookies ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience while using the email template builder.
  • The email template builder relies on JavaScript and cookies to provide advanced features and functionality.
  • JavaScript and cookies are essential for accessing all the features and capabilities of the email template builder.


  • Flexible design options - the email template builder offers a wide range of customizable design options, allowing users to create unique and visually appealing templates.
  • Streamline email creation process - with the email template builder, users can easily drag and drop elements, saving time and effort in creating professional-looking emails.
  • Enhanced user experience - enabling JavaScript and cookies ensures a smooth and seamless experience while using the email template builder, resulting in efficient email creation and sharing.


  • Requires technical knowledge and setup to enable JavaScript and cookies.
  • Potential security risks associated with enabling JavaScript and cookies.
  • Compatibility issues may arise with different email clients or platforms.
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