Sensitive Subjects Email Testing Tool

Don’t get caught sending an embarrassing subject line or preheader. Type in your subject line and see the possible sensitive subjects your recipients might see.

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What is Sensitive Subjects Email Testing Tool?

Sensitive Subjects is an email testing tool created by Dylan Smith that helps users ensure they never send an embarrassing subject line. The tool allows users to test their email subject lines and provides an example of how it will appear when received by recipients. By copying the link to the results, users can easily share and review their email subject line to ensure it is appropriate and sensitive to all recipients. With Sensitive Subjects, users can avoid potential embarrassment and maintain professionalism in their email communications.


  • Sensitive Subjects: Avoid embarrassment by never sending an inappropriate subject line.
  • Email testing tool: Test your subject lines before sending them out.
  • User-friendly: Created by Dylan Smith, this tool is easy to use.
  • Share results: Copy the link to your test results and share it with others.
  • Ensure professionalism: Test and optimize your subject lines for a more effective email communication.


  • Helps prevent the sending of embarrassing subject lines.
  • Allows users to test and verify email subject lines for sensitive topics.
  • Easy to use with detailed result analysis provided.


  • Limited customization options for subject lines.
  • May not accurately reflect real-life responses to sensitive subjects.
  • Results may not be applicable to all email platforms or devices.
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