IPQualityScore Email Verification Email Verification Tool

IPQualityScore Email Verification service provides real-time verification to ensure an email address exists with the mail service provider (has an active inbox) and is not a temporary or disposable email address that are frequently used for fraudulent activity.

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What is IPQualityScore Email Verification Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by IPQS is a comprehensive solution for validating email addresses and identifying high-risk emails in real-time. With over 99% accuracy, the tool uses proprietary tests and extensive data collected from user events to score email addresses and ensure fraud-free transactions. It performs syntax and DNS checks, determines if the email address is functional, and detects disposable and high-risk email addresses. By verifying email addresses, businesses can improve deliverability, open rates, and overall email reputation. The tool is trusted by thousands of companies and offers easy integration with API access and batch processing capabilities.


  • Email address verification with high accuracy and precision.
  • Real-time email risk scoring to prevent fraud.
  • Detection of disposable email addresses and spam traps.
  • Batch processing of CSV files for efficient email list cleaning.
  • Easy integration with API and expert support for smooth setup.


  • Instantly score email addresses using a simple email verification API or batch process CSV files.
  • Maintain over 99% accuracy using proprietary tests and extensive data collected by scoring hundreds of millions of user events per day.
  • Improve email deliverability and open rates while analyzing extensive email address reputation scoring for users in any country.


  • The email verification tool may have limitations in accurately detecting temporary and disposable email addresses.
  • There is a possibility that the tool may not be able to keep up with the newest disposable email services and domains, which could lead to fraudulent activity going undetected.
  • The tool may not provide detailed insight or analysis on the reputation or behavior of email addresses beyond basic validation.
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