Mailboxlayer API Email Verification Tool

Mailboxlayer is a free, simple and powerful JSON API offering instant email address validation & verification via syntax checks, typo and spelling checks, SMTP checks, free and disposable provider filtering, and much more. Its system is REST-based, secured by 256-bit HTTPS encryption, and pursuing the goal of assisting developers and businesses in fighting fraudulent users and increasing success rates of email campaigns.

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What is Mailboxlayer API Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by mailboxlayer is a simple REST-based JSON API that allows users to check and verify email addresses in real-time. It not only checks the syntax of the email address but also verifies its existence using MX-Records and SMTP. It can also detect if the email address is configured to catch all incoming mail traffic and if it belongs to a disposable or free email provider


  • REST-based JSON API for email verification.
  • Checks email syntax, existence using MX-Records and SMTP, catch-all mailbox detection.
  • Identifies disposable and free email addresses.
  • Provides quality score for each email address.
  • Supports bulk email address verification and rate limits based on subscription plan.


  • Thoroughly checks and verifies email addresses at the point of entry.
  • Provides real-time verification by checking MX-Records and SMTP.
  • Offers additional features such as typo check, did-you-mean suggestions, and quality score calculation.


  • The catch-all detection functionality is inactive by default, which may lead to inaccurate results.
  • The API's SMTP check feature takes up a significant amount of the API's response time.
  • The quality score is not a definitive indicator and should not be the sole factor in determining whether or not to send to an email address.
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