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Get Results Fast: How to Measure if Your Email Sequences Work

Learn how to set goals and measure the effectiveness of different types of sequences. Identify the differences between micro-goals to macro goals, how to track conversions and more in this short tutorial by Elizabeth Jacobi, Founder, MochaBear Marketing


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Here are the main takeaways from the event

Mapping Out Objectives and Goals Begin by outlining objectives and goals for email sequences, aligning with customer journey stages: awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention. Simplify by mapping goals accordingly to ensure targeted sequences, reducing iterations.

Tracking Success and A/B Testing Utilize reporting tools to track email and goal metrics. A/B testing different emails helps identify effective strategies. Set a date for goal assessment, both short and long-term.

Building Relationships and Avoiding Set-and-Forget Continuously track success rates and avoid assuming static effectiveness. Prioritize relationship-building over immediate sales in sequence creation. Avoid set-and-forget mentality for sustainable results.

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