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How to improve targeting and boost conversions of your email sequences

Learn how to optimize your email copy, design, and frequency to improve email conversions. Plus, get ready-made frameworks on target subscribers with advanced segmentation in this in-depth workshop by Kristy McCarley, Founder, Pure Firefly.


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▶️ Key Moments

(00:02:10) - Importance of Email Targeting With over 340 billion daily emails worldwide and recipients facing 100 to 120 emails daily, standing out is a challenge amid 45% spam. Kristy emphasized the need for emails to differentiate themselves.

(04:02)Key Factors for Boosting Conversions Content must address audience pain points, providing value and inspiring action. Clear calls to action should be included without overwhelming subscribers. Design should prioritize readability and quick-loading, high-quality images.

(26:12)Email Marketing Strategies for Higher Conversions Kristy shared proven tactics, including concise surveys, using click behavior for segmentation, and A/B testing subject lines or content.

(26:48) Personalization in Email Marketing Personalization involves addressing subscribers directly based on their preferences. Examples include using their name or location in subject lines and tailoring content to their interests or purchase history.

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