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Interactive emails in action: Live examples and use cases

Learn how to make your emails interactive by tuning into interactive email use cases in this workshop at the Email Edge Summit.


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Here’s are the main takeaways from the event:

Interactive Forms - A power packed widget

Interactive forms in email can be used for onboarding, NPS survey, customer research, and product reviews.

And it’s not just marketers, it’s product managers as well who’re finding this useful.

Higher coupon activation with gamified distribution
Giving users a small moment of victory can make them feel engaged and prompt them to check what they've won leading to higher coupon activation. There are many games to start of with like spin the wheel, roulette, claw machine, and shuffle cups

Higher appointment booking with calendar widget
Interactive emails enables users to book an appointment from withing an email instead of visiting another webpage after clicking on the CTA. This can be useful for doctor appointments, demo bookings, onboarding calls etc. Mailmodo has Also integrated Calendly, a popular calendar booking platform, to allow people to book slots directly from the email.

Calculate inside email
Fintech and other industries often observe substantial traffic on calculators on their websites that helps visitors calculate insurance premiums, EMI, interest rates, or even BMI in the health tech industry. You can send all these calculators inside email with our new feature.

Web check in inside email
What if you could do your next web check in inside email? With AMP emails, it’s possible.

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