Litmus Email Deliverability Tool

Backed by Spectrum Equity, the new, redesigned Litmus makes it easier than ever for teams to quickly organize, build, test, and review emails in one centralized application, streamlining the production process and improving visibility and collaboration.

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What is Litmus Email Deliverability Tool?

Litmus is an all-in-one email marketing solution that offers a range of capabilities to improve email deliverability. It helps users optimize and personalize their emails to maximize ROI and create exceptional brand experiences for subscribers. Litmus provides features such as email design, building, personalization, testing, analytics, collaboration, and integrations with various technology platforms. It allows users to create highly effective and personalized emails at scale, automate testing to ensure emails reach the inbox, and gain insights and analytics to improve email strategy. With Litmus, companies can streamline their email process, save time, and drive better results.


  • Litmus is an all-in-one email marketing solution.
  • It helps optimize and personalize every email to maximize ROI and create exceptional brand experiences.
  • Litmus allows for efficient email development with reusable templates and drag-and-drop editing.
  • It offers automated email testing across 100+ email clients and devices, speeding up the approvals process.
  • Litmus provides engagement analytics and reliable insights to improve email strategy and ensure the right message reaches the right subscribers.


  • Litmus helps streamline email creation by providing reusable templates, drag-and-drop email creation, and codeless editing.
  • The tool automates email testing across multiple email clients and devices, saving time and ensuring a better customer experience.
  • Litmus provides reliable email engagement analytics and security features, helping marketers make data-driven decisions and maintain secure email campaigns.


  • Limited compatibility with email clients and devices.
  • High pricing for enterprise plans.
  • Lack of advanced analytics and reporting features.
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