Responsive HTML Email Design Email Marketing Course

Learn the importance of HTML email and prove that building beautiful, responsive email campaigns isn’t as scary as you thought

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  • ⭐ HTML email utilities and potential explained
  • ⭐ Step-by-step process to creating responsive HTML emails
  • ⭐ Best practices related to HTML email developing

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More about Responsive HTML Email Design Email Marketing Course:

The Responsive HTML Email Design email marketing course is a comprehensive course that teaches the importance of HTML email and how to build beautiful, responsive email campaigns. The course covers topics such as mobile user experience, email strategies, email rendering, subscriber experience, email standards, tables and email structures, images, styles and buttons, making emails responsive, web fonts, targeting email clients, CSS3 interactivity and video, advanced techniques, tools and resources. The course is taught by Justine Jordan and Jason Rodriguez, who both work at Litmus, a SAAS company that helps clients test and track emails.

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