A Type of Email

Email Marketing Ebook

A handbook for working with HTML typography in email featuring quick and easy access to help you with the typographic element you’re working with, and code samples throughout each section, enabling you to recreate the typography in your emails.

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Paul Airy

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HTML Email Typography
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  • ⭐ Guide to working with HTML typography in emails
  • ⭐ Code samples provided in each section to help learning easier.
  • ⭐ Individual sections devoted for each typographical element.

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More about A Type of Email Marketing Ebook:

A Type of Email is an ebook that focuses on helping individuals with HTML typography in email marketing. The book provides quick and easy access to typographic elements, along with code samples, allowing readers to recreate the typography in their own emails. The main sections cover various aspects such as preheaders, headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, paragraph spacing, buttons and text links, blue links, typographic units, and alt attributes. Overall, this ebook offers valuable insights for those looking to enhance their email marketing campaigns.

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