Let's Talk Strategy Email Marketing Ebook

Create an effective marketing strategy for your business with Marketing Strategy, which offers a clear, easy-to-follow overview of why strategy is important, how to create it, how to implement it, and - crucially - how to measure its success.

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Jenna Tiffany

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Email Marketing Email Strategy
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  • ⭐ Overview of why strategy is important, how to create it, implement it, and measure its success.
  • ⭐ Examples and case studies to explain the role of strategy in a long-term vision.
  • ⭐ Outline of key challenges that crop up, and pre-emptive tools for avoiding them.

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More about Let's Talk Strategy Email Marketing Ebook:

The Let's Talk Strategy email marketing eBook, Marketing Strategy by Jenna Tiffany, is a multi-award-winning book that provides a practical and adaptable framework for creating a marketing strategy. With input from leading marketing strategists and organizations, the book offers insights into the role of strategy in an organization's long-term vision, as well as key models and frameworks for analyzing the marketing environment. It also discusses segmentation, targeting, and positioning, and provides tools for overcoming key challenges in marketing strategy. Whether you are new to marketing or an experienced marketer, this book is a valuable resource for creating and executing successful marketing strategies.

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