Trends and Data in Sales and Marketing

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If you believe that Sales and Marketing leadership should stay closely aligned, this is the report for you with extensive data on marketer and global sales leaders.

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Data Report Email Marketing
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  • ⭐ Contains data from 3,400 marketers and over 500 global sales leaders, with a specific focus on Canada.
  • ⭐ Analysis of the data to help understand the strategies that work
  • ⭐ Industry insights

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The Sales and Marketing Report provides valuable insights into the trends and data in sales and email marketing for 2020. It highlights the adoption of remote selling and the advantages of leveraging automation and competitive data. The report also emphasizes the impact of innovative marketing strategies and the revolution in reporting and attribution in every industry. With over 5,000 HubSpot customers in Canada, the report showcases the success stories of companies that have utilized HubSpot's CRM platform for their marketing, sales, and customer service needs. Overall, the report aims to help sales and marketing leaders plan for the future and optimize their strategies for smarter and better growth.

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