SparkLoop Email Marketing Tool

A referral tool used by thousands of smart newsletter creators to get more, high-quality email subscribers on autopilot.

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What is SparkLoop Email Marketing Tool?

SparkLoop is an email marketing tool that offers various features to help grow newsletter audiences. It provides referral rewards to incentivize subscribers, referral giveaways to boost subscriber growth, and an easy in-email referral section. With a 2-click integration to email platforms, it is user-friendly and offers dedicated anti-fraud protection. Trusted by top brands, SparkLoop is a platform that allows newsletter operators and media brands to grow their audience faster and more affordably.


  • Referral Rewards: Incentivize your subscribers to refer others.
  • Referral Giveaways: Boost subscriber growth with prize-draws and giveaways.
  • Email Referral Section: Easy in-email referral tools for a seamless experience.
  • 2-Click ESP Integration: Simple integration with your email platform.
  • Dedicated Anti-Fraud: Best-in-class protection against fake referrals and cheating.


  • Easy in-email referral tools with a beautiful, in-email referral section.
  • Best-in-class protection against fraud with industry-leading anti-fraud measures.
  • Easy, 2-click integration with email platforms for seamless setup.


Cons of SparkLoop email marketing tool:

  • Limited integration options with only 15+ email platforms.
  • Lack of customization options for referral program setup.
  • Possible limitations in scalability for high-volume senders.
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