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The StyleCampaign SVG to VML converter.

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What is SVG to VML converter Email Marketing Tool?

The SVG to VML converter email marketing tool is a utility that allows users to convert scalable vector graphics (SVG) files into vector markup language (VML) files. This tool is designed to generate HTML boilerplate code, including alt text and all grouped elements, making it easier to use SVG graphics in email marketing campaigns. However, it is important to note that the converter has a warning stating that it should not be used for any purposes whatsoever, and users are advised to refer to the readme for more information.


  • Converts SVG to VML for email marketing campaigns.
  • Generates HTML boilerplate for easy integration.
  • Includes alt text for all elements to ensure accessibility.
  • Converts all grouped elements accurately.
  • Important cautionary message about usage.


  • Easy conversion from SVG to VML format for seamless email marketing campaigns.
  • Ensures compatibility across all email clients by generating HTML boilerplate with alt text and grouped elements.
  • Efficient tool for maintaining copyright compliance in email newsletters.


  • Limited functionality and features compared to other email marketing tools.
  • Unclear and potentially restrictive terms of use.
  • Potential compatibility issues with different email clients.
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