Valimail Email Verification Tool

Valimail is the global leader in zero-trust email security. The company’s full line of cloud-native solutions authenticate sender identity to stop phishing, protect brands, and ensure compliance. Valimail is the fastest growing DMARC solution, with the most domains at DMARC enforcement, and is the premier DMARC partner for Microsoft 365 environments.

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What is Valimail Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by Valimail is a valuable resource for ensuring the authenticity of email addresses. This tool helps to prevent phishing attacks and email fraud by verifying the sender's identity and confirming that the email address is valid and trustworthy. With this tool, users can have greater confidence in the emails they receive and can avoid falling victim to scams or potentially harmful messages.


  • Email verification tool for monitoring and enforcing email security protocols.
  • Provides email security best practices and guides to prevent phishing.
  • Offers BIMI email tutorial and examples for enhanced email authentication.
  • Integrates with partners to create a comprehensive email security ecosystem.
  • Allows users to check their domains and view pricing options to get started.


  • Provides reliable protection against phishing attacks.
  • Helps ensure the accuracy and authenticity of email communications.
  • User-friendly interface for easy verification and monitoring of email domains.


  • Limited functionality for verifying multiple email addresses simultaneously.
  • Lack of integration with popular email service providers.
  • High cost compared to other email verification tools in the market.
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