SendPost Transactional Email Service

SendPost is a transactional email delivery service which guarantees over 99% email deliverability and helps you leverage dedicated IP pools for better success. SendPost replaces manual workarounds, messy hacks and daily frustrations that come along with your email API/SMTP provider.

It’s as efficient for a single developer as it is for ESPs sending millions of daily emails. The simple APIs can upgrade your existing system with pro deliverability tools and provide valuable data insights. SendPost has native API SDKs in all popular programming languages (NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, Golang, Rust and more) and clear API documentation.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates.

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What is SendPost Transactional Email Service?

SendPost offers a transactional email service that is suitable for developers, startups, e-commerce businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. They offer different plans at different price points, starting from $7 per month, and each plan includes a certain number of emails. If a user exceeds the email limit of their plan, there will be an additional cost for overage emails. SendPost provides various features such as email API and SMTP relay for sending, measuring, alerting, and optimizing email sending at scale. They also offer support and expertise to ensure reliable email deliverability. Additionally, SendPost offers 24x7 customer support and onboarding assistance to help users get started and optimize their email programs.


  • Different plans available for different stages of company growth.
  • Simple and flexible pricing with options to upgrade.
  • Provides reliable email delivery for developers, businesses, and ESPs.
  • Offers support for email program optimization and deliverability.
  • 24x7 support from a technical team knowledgeable in API and email deliverability.


  • Simple & Flexible Pricing: The transactional email service offers different plans for different stages of the company, allowing users to choose a plan that suits their needs and upgrade later if necessary.
  • Trusted by developers, businesses, and ESPs: The service is used by companies of all sizes, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in delivering emails.
  • 24x7 Support: The service provides round-the-clock support to ensure that users are never stuck or left waiting, with a technical support team well-versed in API, email deliverability, and related jargon.


  • Limited free plan with overage email costs.
  • Pricing plans may not be suitable for all business sizes.
  • Verification process required for account setup.
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