Create a seed list for domain warm-up


What will this help with?

  • Creating a seed list for sending domain warm-up emails for better deliverability

Note: We will go more in-depth about domain warm-up tomorrow.

What is a seed list?

An email seed list consists of test email addresses that you send emails to for warming up a domain before sending it to your larger list. Seed lists usually contain email ids of folks who have agreed to help you warm up your domain by receiving emails and engaging with them.

How to create a seed list for yourself?

  1. Make a list of people in your organization who are willing to receive and engage with emails via replying, marking them as non-spam,/important, and so on. Think of colleagues, partners, and friends who would be ready to help you out.

  2. Try to add people who use different email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.)

We would recommend you have a list of at least 40-50 email ids.

Bonus Tips

  • If you have a list of active contacts, that can also act as a great seed list. You can send emails to the active folks first from a new domain to achieve this.

  • If you’re sending AMP emails, make sure you have recipients using email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, and FairEmail, which support AMP emails.

  • One way to build a seed list is to partner with folks and help each other warm up your emails. You can try this in the Marketing Tribe community.

  • Don't buy seed lists, as they might contain spam traps and bas email ids.

  • You can also use tools like Lemwarm and as replacements for building a seed list

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