iPost Enterprise Email Deliverability Tool

iPost is an omnichannel email marketing platform built for Franchises, Agencies, Associations, Restaurants, Media, Publishing, and Retail. We are a recognized leader for organizations with sophisticated messaging requirements with an intuitive, data-forward SaaS platform that enables marketers to build and send messages that their subscribers crave. We make the complex effortless.

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What is iPost Enterprise Email Deliverability Tool?

iPost Enterprise is an email and messaging platform that helps marketers unlock and utilize their data to deliver relevant and personalized content at scale. It offers speed, flexibility, and a rapid return on investment, allowing marketers to meet the demands of the modern customer. iPost also provides specific solutions for different industries, including franchises, casinos, publishing/media, and associations, to address their unique challenges and improve customer engagement. With its seamless integrations and positive customer feedback, iPost is a trusted tool for enhancing email deliverability.


  • iPost is built to unlock your data to help deliver relevant content with speed, flexibility, and scale.
  • iPost solves the problems franchises face when running email programs – consistent branding and fragmentation all wrapped up in one location.
  • iPost drives loyalty among casino players by creating 5X new player/member revenue streams using decision logic around player behavior.
  • iPost allows you to easily utilize your data to meet readers’ ever-changing needs and create more engaging experiences in publishing/media.
  • iPost's intuitive platform helps you easily send customer-focused emails driven by your own powerful data, no Ph.D. or Certification required.


  • Helps deliver relevant content with speed, flexibility, and scale.
  • Solves the problems franchises face when running email programs - consistent branding and fragmentation.
  • Allows you to easily utilize data to meet customers' ever-changing needs and create more engaging experiences.


  • Lack of detailed information about the tool's features and capabilities.
  • No mention of customer reviews or testimonials.
  • Limited integration options with other platforms or services.
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