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Blueshoon, inc is a web development company based in Chicago. Their team of around 10 employees was founded in 2008 and provides web development and design services with a focus in PHP and JavaScript.

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Nascar Tonal Pepsico Playboy Enterprises RealMex Restaurants Social House Inc. Lindsay,Stone & Briggs Mendocino Farms Logan's Road House Marea Resort Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brennan & Baum Giordano's Everyday Health

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10 - 49 Employees

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What is Blueshoon, inc Email Marketing Agency?

Blueshoon, Inc is an email marketing agency that provides web development, design, and on-demand website management services. They have a strong reputation for being quick, pleasant, and easy to work with. They have worked with clients like Playboy Enterprises, Redbubble, Giordano's, and Yalla Mediterranean, delivering quality work and strategic direction. In addition to web development, they also offer ESP support, ensuring that email campaigns reach their target audience. Overall, Blueshoon is a reliable and agile partner for businesses looking to optimize their online presence.


  • Blueshoon, Inc is a web development agency specializing in on-demand website management.
  • They provide ESP support, helping clients curate, build, setup, and send targeted email campaigns.
  • Blueshoon offers agency partner services, providing white label work where they remove all references and give full credit to the client.


  • Blueshoon has a quick and pleasant team that is easy to work with.
  • They provide strategic direction and optimize time spent on email marketing campaigns.
  • Blueshoon is agile, responsive, and delivers quality work for web development projects.
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