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Eveditz is a digital marketing agency founded in 2018 and located in Dnipro, Ukraine. They have a team of fewer than 10 individuals who provide digital strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing services. They serve clients in the business services and health care and medical industries.

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Getpin,Brewster,GAnna Clinic,D.Ante Dental Clinic

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2 - 9 Employees

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What is Eveditz Email Marketing Agency?

Eveditz is an email marketing agency that offers flexible methodologies for creating and promoting brands. They help businesses make their brand more appealing to consumers by ensuring that they understand the brand's proposition, advantages, and unique qualities from the first contact. Eveditz has successfully created and maintained more than a dozen brands over the past ten years, with many of them continuing to thrive despite challenges such as pandemics and wars. They believe that a successful brand requires six key components: mission, values, slogan, voice, tone, and appearance.


  • Eveditz specializes in creating and promoting brands that are appealing to consumers from the first contact.
  • Eveditz has successfully created and supported over a dozen brands that continue to thrive despite pandemics and wars.
  • Eveditz focuses on the six components necessary for a successful brand: mission, values, slogan, voice, tone, and appearance.


  • Eveditz email marketing agency helps businesses create brand awareness and engage with their target audience effectively.
  • With Eveditz, businesses can experience a significant increase in search traffic and conversion rates.
  • Eveditz has a track record of successfully creating and maintaining brands, even during challenging times such as pandemics and wars.
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