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Konnektors is a marketing company based in Davao City, Philippines. Their team of more than 10 has provided email marketing, voice services, and back-office services since their founding in 2018. They work with clients in the fields of advertising, financial, and business services.

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SGcodeworks,Ebooth,Fastway Logistics,People Plus Software

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10 - 49 Employees

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What is Konnektors Email Marketing Agency?

Konnektors is a global sales and marketing company that offers a range of services including lead generation, email marketing, and web development. They specialize in brand marketing, digital strategy, social engagement, telemarketing, and content strategy services. With a focus on personalized and events triggered emails, Konnektors aims to help businesses recognize, connect with, engage, and convert potential clients. Their lead generation process involves a dedicated business development representative, a customized contact list, personalized emails, and follow-ups to turn interest into confirmed appointments.


  • Konnektors offers customized contact lists and personalized emails for effective lead generation.
  • They provide outbound and inbound marketing channels to connect with prospect clients.
  • Konnektors helps businesses convert decision makers' interest into confirmed appointments.


  • Speed up your sales and generate more leads and appointments using outbound and inbound marketing channels.
  • Recognize and identify market specifics by narrowing down your market criteria.
  • Connect with prospect clients through personalized and events triggered emails, building strong follow-ups.
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