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Magic Clickz is a marketing firm founded in 2009 with fewer than 50 professionals. They provide social media, content, and email marketing solutions from their office in Indore, India. They work with clients in the fields of advertising, education, and healthcare.

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The Pore Company,Shop Crush,Platinum Health Supply,Glade One

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10 - 49 Employees

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What is Magic Clickz Email Marketing Agency?

Magic Clickz is a digital marketing agency that offers a range of services, including pay-per-click advertising, Google ads management, remarketing, and conversion rate optimization. They pride themselves on being a top 1% marketing expert in their niche with proven ROI results. The agency provides fully vetted digital marketing experts who are perfectly matched with your business goals and offer affordable prices. They offer a user-friendly platform with full visibility to keep you in total control of your marketing campaigns. The agency also emphasizes unbiased monitoring to assure optimal results and accountability. Trusted by their world-class clients, Magic Clickz has helped businesses achieve significant growth in revenue and customer acquisition.


  • Top 1% marketing experts with proven ROI results.
  • User-friendly platform with full visibility and control.
  • Fully vetted digital marketing experts matched with your business goals.


  • Magic Clickz has a team of top 1% marketing experts with proven ROI results.
  • They provide a user-friendly platform with full visibility and control.
  • Magic Clickz offers affordable prices and consistent monitoring for optimal results and accountability.
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