Jonathan Pay Email Marketing Expert

With over 13 years of experience in email marketing, Jonathan is the world’s first second-generation email marketer. Having worked for service providers, agencies, and brands, he brings along an understanding of code, design, and strategy with a focus on excellent customer experiences.

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Email Marketing Consultant.

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Holistic Email.

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Who is Jonathan Pay?

Jonathan Pay is an email marketing expert who is known for his expertise in the field. As the world's first second-generation email marketer, he brings a unique perspective and innovative strategies to his clients. In addition to his dedication to his work, he is a devout Christian, loving husband, and caring father. Hailing from Australia, his passion for RPG and boardgames adds a creative touch to his marketing approach. Jonathan also identifies as an egalitarian through feminist means, highlighting his commitment to promoting equality in all aspects of his personal and professional life.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Holistic Email.:

Holistic Email is an approach to email marketing that focuses on the overall customer experience and considers all aspects of email communication. This includes elements such as email design, content, deliverability, personalization, segmentation, and analytics. The goal of holistic email is to not just send out emails, but to strategically plan and optimize the entire email marketing process to create meaningful and valuable interactions with customers, leading to improved engagement, ROI, and brand loyalty.

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