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LB Blair, Head of Deliverability, at Email Industries, is a seasoned email deliverability expert with a wealth of experience working with numerous Fortune 100 brands, some sending over one billion email messages per month. She specializes in any problems or pain points, then engineering email infrastructure for optimal inbox placement, performance, and reach.

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Head of Deliverability, Managing Partner

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Email Industries

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Who is LB Blair?

LB Blair joins Email Industries as our Head of Deliverability. LoriBeth Blair is a respected deliverability and infrastructure expert with experience working with Fortune 100 brands. Email Industries is committed to hiring top talent and helping businesses with their email marketing and deliverability needs, and bringing LB Blair on board reflects this commitment.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Email Industries:

Email Industries is a leading provider of email marketing solutions, serving businesses of all sizes. With a strong focus on advanced automation tools, Email Industries helps companies effectively manage their email campaigns, drive engagement, and maximize returns. Their innovative products and services enable businesses to create personalized and targeted messages, analyze campaign performance, and enhance customer communication. With a reputation for delivering reliable and scalable solutions, Email Industries empowers companies to streamline their email marketing efforts and achieve their business goals.

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