Sharon Jennings Email Marketing Expert

An Email Developer by practice and founder of Emil Chic Geek, Shannon builds responsive emails and templates using HTML & CSS.

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Founder at Email Chic Geek.

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Email Chic Geek

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Who is Sharon Jennings?

Sharon Jennings is a senior email developer with over 10 years' experience in the industry. She is known as the "Email Chic Geek" and specializes in building responsive emails and templates using HTML & CSS. Although she is not a front-end developer or a SalesForce developer, her technical skills, patience, dependability, and excellent communication make her a pleasure to work with. She has successfully worked with various clients, including Deliveroo, to rebuild their email templates and enhance the quality of their CRM marketing. Sharon's expertise and professionalism make her a highly sought-after email expert.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Email Chic Geek:

Email Chic Geek is a helpful and knowledgeable assistant designed to assist individuals with various email-related tasks. Whether it's setting up email accounts, troubleshooting issues, or organizing and managing email correspondence, Email Chic Geek is equipped with expertise and efficiency to simplify the email experience for users, making it stylish and effortless.

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