Build a suppression list for better deliverability


What will this help with?

  • Better domain reputation and deliverability

  • Have a healthy email list with only valid, consenting, and active email ids

What is a suppression list?

A suppression list contains all the email addresses that have opted out/unsubscribed from a company’s emails to prevent sending emails to them in the future. Generally, a suppression list might get updated with hard-bounced email ids as well to avoid sending emails to them.

How to create a suppression list?

  1. Export all contact data along with subscription and bounce details from your email service provider.

  2. Separate email IDs that have unsubscribed or hard bounced into a list.

  3. Verify the remaining emails using services like Bouncer, ZeroBounce, NeverBounce, etc. These will help you remove invalid, non-existent, and spam-trap email ids.

  4. Collect all the invalid email ids from Step 3 and add them to the list from Step 2. This list is your suppression list.

  5. Remove the email ids in the suppression list from your contacts database. Usually this can be done using features for importing suppression lists.

  6. Remember not to send emails to the email ids in the suppression list.

How to use the automatic suppression list feature in Mailmodo?

With Mailmodo, every time a contact hard bounces or unsubscribes from a particular campaign, they are automatically added to the suppression list.

If you want already have an external suppression list, then you can upload them in Mailmodo and avoid sending emails to them. Read this document to learn how to upload the suppression list in Mailmodo.

Tips and best practices

  • Set a schedule to clean your list regularly. This can be monthly, quarterly, or after every campaign, depending on your convenience.

  • Use a double opt-in process to ensure the subscriber truly wants your emails.

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