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RightHello is a marketing company based in Wroclaw, Poland. Founded in 2014, RightHello has a team of 50+ employees that specialize in email marketing and direct marketing services. RightHello works with small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses alike.

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Datev,SMT Software,Divante,

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50 - 249 Employees

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What is RightHello Email Marketing Agency?

RightHello is a unique combination of the best technology, always actual data, and lead generation experts. They offer B2B sales strategy, startup growth, cold mailing, and IT lead generation services. Their approach includes smart outreach with a high response rate, strategic and technical support, prospecting and email automation tools, and best sales practices for handling responses. RightHello's strategy is tailored to fit each individual business, using human insights, personalized calls to action, cleverly constructed follow-ups, and A/B email testing. They aim to super target potential clients and help businesses boost their sales.


  • B2B lead generation experts at your service.
  • Over 5 million companies in their database with verified data from 20+ different sources.
  • Smart outreach with high response rate, including strategic and technical support.


  • RightHello helps define the right sales strategy based on their experiences.
  • They find potential customers and decision makers for your business.
  • Their custom pitch via email and LinkedIn increases the chances of getting a response from leads.
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