Whitney Rudeseal Peet Email Marketing Expert

Working in both email and content marketing; Whitney's expertise lies with B2B SaaS companies of any size and stage

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Story- and customer-centered writer, marketer, and strategist

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Who is Whitney Rudeseal Peet?

Whitney Rudeseal Peet is an expert in email and content marketing with over 7 years of experience. She specializes in working with B2B SaaS companies but also has experience with healthcare and nonprofits. As a full-time freelancer and consultant, she focuses on creating educational and inspiring content that supports humans, not algorithms. She is known for her storytelling skills and comprehensive marketing strategies, and has received praise for her ability to conceive full-funnel growth campaigns. Whitney is also a to-do list nerd and offers marketing project management help.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Independent:

Independent refers to individuals or entities that operate autonomously and are not controlled or influenced by outside forces. It can pertain to various aspects such as individuals who have the ability to make decisions and carry out tasks without relying on others, or organizations that operate free from external ownership or dominance. Being independent often implies a sense of self-reliance, freedom, and the ability to think and act in a way that aligns with one's own beliefs, goals, and values.

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